10M Portable Loading Ramps

This Portable Loading Ramps used in factories, warehouses, stations, docks, airports and other occasions. It is mainly used for loading and unloading the goods in the car with the forklift truck.
This Portable Loading Ramps forklift can be directly into the internal stacking and transport of goods. This Portable Loading Ramps does not use electric, simple manual operation can carry out forklift loading and unloading activities, can effectively save manpower and material resources, and achieve rapid cargo circulation.

10M Portable Loading Ramps

Description of the main structure of the Portable Loading Ramps:
Loading Ramps used is mainly composed of three parts: the Base Body, the lifting mechanism and the moving mechanism:

  1. The base is welded from type steel, with a main body of 18 slot steel, 10 slot steel, and a variety of torque tubes
  2. The lifting mechanism is composed of three groups of spiral outriggers
  3. The moving mechanism is mainly a pair of pneumatic tires, which can be moved over a short distance under the traction of the external structure.

Main technical parameters:
Model : 10 Meters Loading Ramps used
Maximum load: 8 Tons
Table width: W1(mm) 2200
Platform length: L1(mm) 3000
Slope length: L2(mm) 6000
Climbing angle a:(a°) 10 Angle
Board length: L3(mm) 900
Lip plate length: L4(mm) 400
Board width: W2(mm) 900
Lip plate width: W3(mm) 900

10M Portable Loading Ramps

How to use Portable Loading Ramps :

  1. When no loading and unloading cargo task, put up the lift board, will move the boarding bridge parked in the designated position, in the outdoor to cover the rain
    cloth, rain, to prevent exposure to the sun;
  2. To move the moving boarding bridge to another location, first shake the two support feet until the back two wheels are on the ground, and adjust the height to
    connect it to the forklift, which is towed directly to the point of use

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